The good the bad and the ugly news

Good news I am going to be a Great Auntie again..four times. No not quads, just three nieces and one nephew announced the upcoming births of their children. That means my baby brother will finally get two grandkids and my other baby brother will add two more to his eight grands for a nice round number of ten!

We finally made it to the graveyards yesterday. Our weather is cool and rainy which is normal Memorial Day Weekend weather for us.

I slept most of the day. Far Guy took my place at work for two hours so I could go see the Doctor again last Friday. I have coughed so much that they thought I broke some ribs..luckily the x ray was normal. The explanation is some great big long word…that means ribs so sore it hurts when you breathe or move and the pain is excruciating when you cough. I have good meds that put me to sleep. Chance and Far Guy are taking good care of me…of course someone who sleeps 20 hours a day is pretty easy to care for. What a perfectly good waste of a day off. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

The webworms are about to hatch.   The local newspaper calls them Forest Tent Caterpillars.  They will hatch and devour all the leaves on a tree.  I read that they have covered a wall on the library in town.  I have not seen them on the museum..yet.

Webworms or tent worms

The experts say that our mild winter caused the webs to form.  This bunch is located two miles away from our house.  This shrub also has Black Knot or what I call poop on a stick..that is the black stuff clinging to the twigs:)

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  1. Sorry you have been sick and gets to be a common feeling as the decades advance…but you have a real respiratory thing. Ishda is what my Dad would say about being sick. I agree. ISHDA!! Hope you feel much improved very soon.

  2. PS I am so glad there are young people yet who bring babies to us…..too many are cynical and do not have babies at all. It doesn’tmake for a very nice world without new babies.

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