A long time ago Far Guy lived across the street from a widow and her children, two boys and a girl.  Their father was a hero…a war hero.

Lloyd Cortez Hawks

The war hero died in 1953.  He received the Medal of Honor in 1945 for rescuing two of his fellow soldiers that were injured.  He drug them to safety under heavy fire, he was wounded, his hip was shattered and his arm dangling..yet he never gave up.

It took 67 years to get a memorial in the cemetery to honor this man’s courage.

Flag coming down


  Finally May 18, 2012 a flag ceremony was held to dedicate the memorial.

Flag folding

The flag was handed to the hero’s daughter Charlotte.

Flag handed to Charolete

She is the only living child, her brothers have both died.

IMG_1361 You can read the Medal of Honor citation here.

Far Guy and I were both very good friends with one of the war hero’s sons Danny Hawks. If he were alive today I am sure he would have been pleased that the people of Park Rapids Minnesota finally gave credit where credit was due.

Thank you to all the soldiers who have fought for my freedom:)

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  1. a citation well deserved. I am fuming over the report that an MSNBC ape said that he could not call anyone who fought in a war a hero. A response to that was that Mr Hayes should go serve on a front line and come home to be ignored for what he had done on the battlefield and see if he would change his tune.
    Ignoramuses abound among the libtards.

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