The Refuge

I felt good enough on Monday to go on a little trip through the local wildlife refuge.

We found some Yellow Lady’s Slippers.

Yellow Ladys Slipper and False Lily of the Valley

The little plant with the white plume is False Lily of the Valley.

We had not been to Tamarac Lake for a long time.

Tamarac Lake

Only one boat was on the lake.

Chance enjoyed the water.

Chance and his stick

We kept throwing the stick further in the water..he was patient and waited for it to come closer to him.  He never actually swam..but he got awfully wet.

I am back to work today.  I am feeling better.  I am still sore but the knife stabbing pain is gone for now.  I discontinued the muscle relaxant that made me sleep for hours on end.  I don’t remember much of the three day weekend..I was in a bit of a pain filled fog.  I had so many things planned..and got very few of them accomplished. Oh well.

Today is the last day of school tours..59 kids are scheduled for today.  I also scheduled a work day for the Board Members, I am putting the action plan they wanted into motion:)

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  1. I remember the feeling of going back to work after being sick—-it is a groggy unreal “my- head- is- disconnected” feeling. I did it many times until 2004 when I was free to lie on a sofa all day long if I did not feel up to par. I am glad you had down time for several and sleep is still the best cure when all is said and done.
    A bunch of elementary kids on tour! Quite a way to start your first day back. Hit the couch tonight!!!!

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