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Little details

Little details can get lost.. Like how grass blooms. Maybe you cut yours off before it bloomed.  Good thing I caught it or you would have missed the little yellow blooms dangling like little earrings. It has been a week..I … Continue reading

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Chance: June Photos

Hiya!  It is me the blogging Border Collie Chance.  We have been taking some photos.  Far Side has hundreds of photos of me! Me and the Daisies! Me and my reflection! Look into those soulful eyes…Now who is the most … Continue reading

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Busy as a bee at the museum

I checked the front lawn of the museum last Saturday.  It is a complicated arrangement. The County has the Parks Department come in and mow the lawn.  I requested that it be mowed prior to our event last Monday night. … Continue reading

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Wistful Wednesday: 1962

Far Guy has some interesting relatives.   Today I will tell you about Uncle Bill and Aunt Cora.  Cora was Grandpa James X’s sister.  Aunt Cora was born in 1899 and married Uncle Bill in 1919. This photo was taken in … Continue reading

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Amazing Grace

It was a full day on Monday with the funeral in the morning..Amazing Grace was one of the congregational hymns. We had a Minnesota Funeral lunch minus the Jell-O. Lunch included fresh fruit, homemade pickles, coleslaw in individual cups, baked … Continue reading

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My Friend Bill

Sometimes working at a Historical Museum can be a good thing.  One of the good things about being in charge is that I can plan the programs.   Some programs are gently suggested by Board members. Some ideas just happen and … Continue reading

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Four Score and Fifteen

Five more years and he would have been 100.  Born in April of 1917 he was a middle child, the only boy and very his older sister and his Grandmother. This photo was taken about 1920.  That is Far … Continue reading

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Baby Birds

Remember these beautiful eggs? They all hatched.  Yes there are four is toward the back. Right now they are so ugly only their mother and father could love them. Their mouths are open most all the time waiting for … Continue reading

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Say something nice!

It seems like the worm has turned.  Summer is here and along with it came the rain that we should have had last spring along with the snow that we should have had last winter. It has rained the past … Continue reading

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It is now officially summer.  In the past two days we have gotten 2 3/4 inches of rain.  Badly needed rain.  Now I suppose the mosquitoes will come out in full force. The other night we went over to Shell … Continue reading

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