Say something nice!

It seems like the worm has turned.  Summer is here and along with it came the rain that we should have had last spring along with the snow that we should have had last winter.

It has rained the past three maybe four days.


Say something nice!  My car is nice and clean. All the pollen has been washed from every leaf in the forest.

The mosquitoes will be as big as birds…maybe bigger.


With every rain drop that falls the larger the mosquitoes become in my mind. Until they become the size of the crop sprayers that spread their fungicides or insecticides..or what ever kind of hazardous chemical that they spray on the long French fries so they fit in a box nicely field that is right across from the end of our driveway.

Say something nice!  Think of all the old pickup trucks that can be fueled with the old used French Fry oil.

I have watched people scurry around with their umbrellas and rain coats on.  I had neither..I did have an old beach towel in the car and plopped it on my head as I sauntered to the house one day..through the puddles..I am not sweet enough to even begin melting..and a little rain never hurt anybody..good thing I was wearing my favorite plastic shoes:)

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3 Responses to Say something nice!

  1. Sharron says:

    I know the size of those mosquitos….they’re the size of a 747. We used to live in Minnesota.

  2. Kay Syvrud says:

    There was a mosquito so big that it had three woodticks on it!

    “something nice”..there I said it.

    If I said “say something nice” to my dearly beloved he would respond with
    “say something nice”. I am doing it too..bad influence on me.

  3. Kay Syvrud says:

    P.S. Something nice”

    The wrens start singing their songs at 4:30 a.m.(Nice)
    The orioles are eating more grape jelly than I could every imagine!(nice)
    My big sunflowers are about 2 ft high suddenly (nice)
    WE have many hours of sunshine and light now (nice)
    Saw a doe with a speckled fawn this morning! (NICE)

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