Wistful Wednesday: 1962

Far Guy has some interesting relatives.   Today I will tell you about Uncle Bill and Aunt Cora.  Cora was Grandpa James X’s sister.  Aunt Cora was born in 1899 and married Uncle Bill in 1919.

This photo was taken in 1962.

Uncle Bill and Cora (2)

They had been married about 43 years in this photo.  I would meet them in 1968.  They lived in the country..a beautiful white farm house surrounded by fruit trees and gardens..it had a big old side porch..a place where you could sit “a spell” and cool off.

Uncle Bill had to run an errand in town.  He had a small Station Wagon..maybe a Ford..maybe a Ford Fairlane..the back seat was full of junk ( men’s stuff).  He said oh just shove that stuff to the side and hop in.  Now this was before everyone wore seatbelts.   I was tossed around in the back seat so much by Uncle Bill swerving and making sharp turns in heavy traffic I was sure that we were all going to be killed.  It was impossible to stay in one spot in the seat..I was constantly being tossed around like a rag doll..the stop and go traffic was terrible..we would race forward at each green light, passing other cars and screeching to a halt at the next red light.  Uncle Bill drove like he was a man possessed taking most corners on two wheels.  I was more than happy to see that dirt road coming up..the one they lived on as we arrived safely in a cloud of dust. 

Aunt Cora cooked a wonderful meal..we enjoyed our afternoon there. That was the first and the last time I rode with Uncle Bill..a wild ride I will never forget.

Herman, Bill, Cora (2)

In this photo I am certain that Uncle Bill is telling Uncle Herman some outrageous fish story.  Uncle Herman was Aunt Cora’s and James X’s ( Far Guys Grandpa’s) brother. 

I am not certain where this photo was taken or who took it.  I will guess that it was Aunt Charolette..and the photo was taken at her and Uncle Herman’s home. I say that because Uncle Bill and Aunt Cora look all dressed up in visiting clothes..and Uncle Herman looks more casual like he is comfortable at home.  That bird cage may be a clue..Cousin Roxie will certainly recognize it.

This is just one of the old photos I found in the trunk last winter:)

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2 Responses to Wistful Wednesday: 1962

  1. Gail says:

    Love those old curtains!!! They were all the rage at the time!

  2. I rfemember curtains like that too!
    1962 was a very good year for us too—-our first son was born in July!!!
    He is going to b e 50 in a few days and I can scarcely believe we hav e a son that old!
    Time flies especially when you are having fun and enjoying your family at any age.

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