Busy as a bee at the museum

I checked the front lawn of the museum last Saturday.  It is a complicated arrangement. The County has the Parks Department come in and mow the lawn.  I requested that it be mowed prior to our event last Monday night.


I found these bees..I really wasn’t looking for them..just looking over the area for hazards before a whole bunch of elderly people set up their lawn chairs.  I had my camera..when do I not have my camera?

I called the head custodian for the county courthouse..I bet he hates it when I call.  I left a message and asked that they spray the key hole opening.  Of course on Monday when they got my message the bees were not visible. 

No one was stung that I am aware of. 

Last week the custodians washed the front window for me…they are ever so kind sometimes.  See where it says WELCOME..that is the part that they washed.


I know it had not been washed in over a year..maybe two.  They reported back to me that the window was “filthy”..I said “Yes, I know and I appreciate your help with washing it!”

When I called over there..I asked “Hey! Do you have one of those window washing squeegees on a long pole?  The big window out front needs a wash!”  They didn’t know if they had anything like that.  I said “Well, if you happen to have a guy with a ladder and some window wash that isn’t busy..send him over someday!”

I am sure they must cringe when I call…because I only call when I have a problem.  There are three guys on the day shift.  They walk back and forth..forth and back from the County Courthouse to the Law Enforcement Center.  The County still owns the building that the Historical Museum occupies..therefore they have to answer my phone calls…and I have been known to run out of the building to catch one of them on their many walks forth and back every day.

The painting of the ceiling, walls and floors is coming along quite nicely in the basement. I have three wonderful volunteers that are doing a great job.  The two rooms that we ripped apart should be going back together soon.  It seems like those rooms have been torn apart longer than a month..it will be wonderful to have them all clean and ready for the public:)

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  1. My friend who used to be the public librarian in town did the same thing as you do…she bugged city hall for mainenance and cleaning at the library too..they hated to see her coming!!!!

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