Chance: June Photos

Hiya!  It is me the blogging Border Collie Chance. 

We have been taking some photos.  Far Side has hundreds of photos of me!

Me and the Daisies!

Chance and the daisies

Me and my reflection!

Chance's reflection

Look into those soulful eyes…Now who is the most handsome Border Collie in Minnesota?  I think it might be me!

Standing still for a photo

Sometimes I have to stand real still and wait for the water to calm down.  So I give Far Side’s shoe that she throws water with the “Border Collie Stare.”  Sometimes I have great focus!!

Far Side and I had a fight.  She said I had to finish my supper so we could go for a ride or she was leaving me home ALONE…alone she said..I ignored her..she kicked my ball a couple of times whilst she was washing dishes.  I waited until Far Guy threw the ball three times then I began to eat..he kept on saying “Good Boy, Good Boy” while I finished my entire bowl of food.  Far Side said “FINALLY you T-U-R-D”  I cannot spell yet..but I am working on it:)

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2 Responses to Chance: June Photos

  1. Miki T-B says:

    Love the photos of Chance and his reflection in the water….you should enter them into your county’s fair!

  2. Sharron says:

    Hi Chance. It’s so good to see you again. Love the picture of you and the daisies. And you’re right…you are mighty handsome!

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