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Someone had his 37th birthday..his wife made him a fabulous carrot cake. He has great is getting all salt and peppery grey.  I think he may use some special product in his hair. Someone famous is 11 months younger … Continue reading

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Civil War Sunday Report

I am was a day.  Approximately 75 people attended.  I had hoped for more..but it is what it is.  Daughter Jen said “ Mom it is a success if one person shows up.”  She also left me a licorice … Continue reading

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Ditch Lily

The common everyday old fashioned  ditch lily that everyone has. I like is a double and the deer don’t eat them.  They nibble at the Designer Fancy Smancy Day Lilies but they leave these old ones alone.  They must … Continue reading

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I have had a few.  When I have a goal in mind and set my sights on it..and then to face one interruption after another makes for a day when I don’t get much done..let’s just say I will ignore … Continue reading

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I found a little surprise out in the “wild” gardens. I have not seen these in years.   Years ago..most likely about 12 years ago my Uncle Otto shared his Tiger Lilies with me.  He had too many.  Did you know … Continue reading

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Chasing a Rainbow

Last night we went for a drive to look at the thunderheads and to look at which way the rain might come from.  The rain went around us. Which was okay as we got 1 1/4 inches of rain on … Continue reading

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Wistful Wednesday: Aunt Marion

This is a photo that is sixty years old. It was taken in May of 1952. That is me and my Aunt Marion, my mother’s sister.  My Mom had four sisters.  My Mother was child number 2 and Marion was … Continue reading

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Camera Decisions

Well I guess I am going to do it.  Jump off the deep end and buy a new camera..a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex).  Daughter Jen is going to take the plunge too.  We hope to take a Photography class … Continue reading

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Chance: Watery Day

We all had a water filled day yesterday.  It was hot.  It was 94 degrees.  ( 34 degrees C) We stopped to feed some ducks. Adam and Noah threw bread into the water. They named this one Einstein. Miney and … Continue reading

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What the?

I was fine yesterday morning..just hunky dory..I headed for work.  Got to work safely put on my reading glasses to unlock the door and disarm the alarm.  What the?  My vision was all messed up..of course I had just come … Continue reading

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