What the?

I was fine yesterday morning..just hunky dory..I headed for work.  Got to work safely put on my reading glasses to unlock the door and disarm the alarm.  What the?  My vision was all messed up..of course I had just come in from the outdoors..maybe my eyeballs just needed time to catch up.

I fumbled with my office keys..I could not read the tiny little print  that denotes “My Office”..what the?  Oh my goodness..what in the world is wrong with me?  I must have a tumor..that’s it I will have to take the rest of the summer off..of course I will need treatment ..won’t I?  Oh boy ..I sat down to comprehend what was happening.  I felt my head all over..what the? I could see fine without my glasses..the tumor must only affect my close vision..weird.

Dianthus partially out of focus

Close up I had camera vision..partially blurry and out of focus and partially okay..especially if I closed one eye..yeah that’s it!   What the? If I  close one eye I can see fine..maybe I can wear some kind of sexy eye patch?

Then I nearly poked my eye out.  Whilst checking it seems I was missing a lens..what the?

Yes that explains it…I have lost a lens someplace..well I found the darn thing in the car..the little tiny screw that hold the lens in place had fallen out…which in turn let my lens fall out.

I had a spare pair of driving glasses that I hate..but I wore them the entire day. I use them for night driving and they have bifocals.  I hate bifocals..but I love my reading glasses.

I fixed my reading glasses after work..they are good enough till Monday..then I can get them fixed proper..and maybe order another pair since I don’t have a tumor or anything:)


Dianthus ‘Siberian Blues’

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2 Responses to What the?

  1. You write so well…and hilariosly.
    I thought about the old pastor who confirmed me in the old Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church. He had propped his reading glasses atop his head and then spent most of confirmation class looking for them.
    Of course we did not say a word about where they were!!
    They finally fell down on his nose but class was over by then and he had to let us leave.

  2. hillariously? I cannot spell this morning.

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