Chasing a Rainbow

Last night we went for a drive to look at the thunderheads and to look at which way the rain might come from.  The rain went around us. Which was okay as we got 1 1/4 inches of rain on Tuesday night. Let some other moisture needy area get some rain.

Chance doesn’t like thunder..he wasn’t real keen on going for a ride..but since we both went he had to put up with the thunder…he hid in the hatchback..I am not sure why that is safer than his usual spot in the back seat..silly dog.

Rainbow 2

The air was heavy almost oppressive with moisture and heat.  This has been a very warm summer.  We drove around looking at the fields and the sky..finally we found a rainbow.


The small grain fields look ready to harvest soon.  The pot of gold must be in Chilton’s (Donnie’s) lake.. there was a traffic jam on this country other photographer was out taking rainbow photos.

It has been a busy week at the museum..we are trying to get everything done before the “doings” on Sunday.   A few volunteers will be selling Root Beer Floats on Main Street during Crazy Days on Thursday and Friday as a fund raiser..something they try to do every summer.  I made labels for their plastic cups advertising Civil War Sunday and ads for them to put on their table…short of making them wear hats with signs they are armed with advertising for Sunday.  When is enough advertising enough?  I have printed and put up flyers and contacted every newspaper and television and radio station in the area…yet I have this fear that no one will show up.  Cost of “real” advertising is cost prohibitive, so we rely on free ads under Community Events. 

I finished transcribing the eight part series of Catherine’s recollections of the Sioux Massacre in the Minnesota River Valley.  Friday that series will be complete. I found it very interesting.  The pioneers lived through some harrowing experiences. This is the 150th anniversary of “The Dakota Conflict.”  Part Six can be found here. :)

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6 Responses to Chasing a Rainbow

  1. Elaine says:

    If you ever need help transcribing, please let me know. I could help.

  2. The oppressive air was almost too much for me yesterday…I felt kind of sick if I was outside in it. It is too bad to spend summer indoors as well as winter but we have such weather extremes both seasons…spring and fall…my favorite times. I look forward to some cooler days.
    We saw a complete rainbow about 2-3 weeks ago when we were driving east from was spectacular and lasted a long time.

  3. Judy says:

    The writings about the Dakota Conflict are fascinating…and heart-stopping. Is this material from a journal at the museum?

  4. MJM says:

    Poor Chance! My dog is just the opposite….she must be in a vehicle when there is a storm. That is the only place she is content and at ease. When thunder threatens, she must be in her “dog-house”, currently a Durango. Must be one of the most expensive dog-houses in the USA!!

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