I found a little surprise out in the “wild” gardens.

Otto's Tiger Lily

I have not seen these in years.   Years ago..most likely about 12 years ago my Uncle Otto shared his Tiger Lilies with me.  He had too many.  Did you know Tiger Lilies are a favorite food of deer?  Well they are and they mowed them down year after year.  This one popped up at the edge of the woods..a lone survivor. 

Far Guy and I planted Echinacea (Coneflowers) both Purple and White along the driveway years ago.  They are doing surprising well..but they are prairie plants with deep roots.  We babied them the first couple of years.  Far Guy rigged up a watering system of two huge barrels that he put in the wagon and he used a bilge pump that was connected to the riding lawn mower battery.. the pump was connected to a watering hose.  So you could ride along the drive and squirt water at the flowers.  It was an ingenious way to water new seedlings. ( He has watched many episodes of the Red Green Show.)

Echinacea along the driveway

Obviously deer don’t like Echinacea…either that or they are not real high on the snack list.

Every year just like clock work Far Guy drags me down the driveway to look at the pretty red flower that he has discovered.   Bee Balm..I say..and he says “oh did they get there?”  We used to collect seed in the wild gardens and then in the early spring I would toss the seeds along the driveway and some of them grew! :)

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One Response to Surprise

  1. I loved RED GREEN…you can buy them (the films) and I might get one or two for good laughs. Tigerlily…..I recall seeing wild ones along
    The Hogsback road that led to Pelican Lake.
    My Mom had a tigerlily in her garden too. I was fascinated by it.
    If the deer ate the echinacea daisies they would never get colds or flu!!!!!!
    I keep echinacea on had for times of upper respiratory illness.

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