Civil War Sunday Report

I am was a day.  Approximately 75 people attended.  I had hoped for more..but it is what it is.  Daughter Jen said “ Mom it is a success if one person shows up.”  She also left me a licorice pipe on the table at favorite treat!

There were a number of children who attended.

Adam at Civil War Sunday


Noah and Dave

Noah and Daniel

Mustering in new soldiers

New recruits..they passed the all your fingers and toes test (no farm accidents), their teeth were inspected …you need four good teeth to rip the paper off the powder to load your weapon..and they knew their right from their left.

Civil Warc Sunday Two

It was a fun afternoon.

Civil War re enactors

The re enactors were awesome.  They traveled from Grand Forks North Dakota.  They volunteer their time to educate the public about the Civil War.  They are an interesting and highly educated group of people.  It was a pleasure to welcome them to the Museum.

Museum Civil War Sunday one I know the women are dying to see more of this dress.


I asked her what she carried in her bag..she replied “Today only my gloves.”  I asked her if she could sit down comfortably..and she showed me that yes she could.  One of my volunteers said perhaps I should dress up like that everyday in the museum.  That is probably not happening:)

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  1. Kay Syvrud says:

    Quite a few years ago when our son was a resident at a regional hospital in Iowa we went to a Civil War re-enactment there. My daughter in law and I asked at the hospital tent where they had realistic looking legs and arms supposedly sawed off by the Civil War “surgeons” without anesthetics….”what do you do for infections?”
    The actors looked at each other, puzzled and said “what is infection?”
    A story of death in a nutshell at army hospitals of that day and age.

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