Wistful Wednesday: 1954

This photo was taken in the summer of 1954.  I was a good big sister.

Carey and Connie Summer 1954

I am sure I did not let go and let my baby brother topple over..did I?

This photo sat in amongst a bunch of film to be developed for a long time.  In January of 1956 the film was finally developed.  Those were tough times financially for my parents..crop failures..grasshoppers..army worms..farming was a real challenge back then.

My much younger brother and sister don’t remember the hard times.  By the time they were born in 1960 and 1966 my Dad had been working out on the road (construction) for many years to help make ends meet at the farm.

We didn’t have dry cereal out of a box.. only porridge either Oatmeal or Malt O Meal..or Cream of Wheat.  I hated and still hate hot cereal.  When we had chickens I learned to eat eggs for breakfast…over hard. 

There was no syrup for pancakes or French toast.  I learned to eat mine plain with butter.  My Mom would boil up a syrupy concoction on the stove sometimes..but I found it too sweet.  I still like my pancakes plain with butter.

We rarely had a candy bar and if we did it was shared. We would enjoy a whole candy bar all by ourselves every Halloween from Ray and Bev’s grocery store in Ponsford.  

My Mom would can what she could..green and yellow beans ( I love yellow beans) and she made a sauce out of rhubarb that was wonderful.  This time of year the jars would all be lined up on the shelves in the basement waiting for winter.  Quart jars full of Peaches, pears, cherries and rhubarb sauce.  Green and Yellow beans, old hens cooked and canned, and pickles..sweet and dill and my favorite Russian dills.  Pickled beets and  spiced crab apples in half pints. A working crock of sauerkraut..yummy! Sometimes I still get hungry for mashed potatoes covered in sauerkraut.

The only thing I disliked was the stewed tomatoes..I like tomatoes but only fresh ones..not cooked and not chunky.  Sometimes supper was some macaroni with some of the horrid stewed tomatoes on top..I would eat the macaroni and slide the chunky tomatoes to the side of my plate..in fact I still do that whenever I encounter chunky tomatoes:)

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  1. Linda brown says:

    Do you remember a man name John that worked at the store in Ponsford?

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