Flower Fix: Salvia

I needed a flower fix. Fall is coming on strong and soon everything that isn’t dried up will be frozen. Plus I need to practice with the new camera.

Far Guy worked for me yesterday.   I put the chicken to cook, and the wash to wash and played ball with Chance before I left.  It was too warm to take him along.

Mary has great gardens, she wasn’t home but her son was.  She is very critical of her gardens…but it was all good..and Lordy be..no weeds.

Mary was one of my customers, I custom grew many things for her..she had her requests.  One was always Salvia farinacea ‘Victoria Blue’  she would buy three or four flats (60 plants per flat).  I tried it myself around the grain bin one year..you plant it and then see that it gets a little water and it blooms it’s heart out from late June until frost. The thing is IF you don’t know about the plant..you would never buy it in the pack..because it has non descript foliage.

Salvia Farinacea Victoria Blue


Here it is in a blue, yellow and white garden.

Mixed Gardens

It makes a lovely medium sized border.  In back is a Heliopsis of some kind, then the row of Salvia ‘Victoria blue’, Marigold most likely Sweet Cream,  Alyssum ‘New Carpet of Snow’ in the front and Lobelia ‘Marine’ (The lobelia must have had too hot of a summer.)

Salvia farinacea Victoria White

Here is Salvia farinacea ‘Victoria White’ in a different garden..this one had Pennisetum and that Japanese looking plant on the right that I cannot remember the name of.  She also had some Martha Washington Geraniums or Regal Geraniums in this bed.  I bet this is a beautiful garden on a moonlit night.

Before the flowers I stopped by to wish my Aunt Anna well, she is having major surgery tomorrow.  After the flowers I stopped by cousin Geraldines..she has new garden art.  I left I note that I took some photos:)


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One Response to Flower Fix: Salvia

  1. Great flower fix shared with us all!
    I picked a few of my many, many varieties of sunflowers today and have a small
    indoor sunflower garden in a vase!!!
    It is so dry..I watered the SFs again and a few other things that really look like late summer and tacky, tacky, tacky. I cut back petunias in pots, watered and fertilized and now hope for a rebound effect!!! (new petunias)
    Summer is definitely ending as far as gardens go…mine look kind of downin the dumps and in spite of watering=== the carrots are not as good tasting as they are in a summer when we have regular rains.

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