Gus the ghost is getting pushy

On Thursday when Far Guy worked for me..he encountered Gus.

Yes, he finally felt the presence.

He was moving boxes into the side storage room in the basement…when all of a sudden he was pushed..and fell to the floor.  PUSHED.  He could hardly believe it..

He is a believer now.  I think he has doubted me..when I have whined about the ghost. He now realizes that I am not “nuts” or if I am he is “nuts” too.

Now he has his own personal “Ghost Story” to report to the children that will listen.

**Gus apparently did not like the clowns that were a former directors collection.  All the boxes of the stupid clowns are now at home in the space where Gus hung himself so long ago.

The Museum is not a storage facility..for “collections” of a personal nature.   I have stressed that over and over to the Board Members.  The clowns do not have accession numbers or records.  They have no historical significance to Hubbard County or to the State of Minnesota.  They were taking up that could be used for many different historical objects that do hold some history of our area.

Now they are in Gus the ghosts space..I expect he will move around a bit and become more mischievous for a little while.  Perhaps I should ask for hazardous duty pay:)

IMG_4300 (2)

**Gus/Peter the person, was the boiler operator in the courthouse.  He had only one arm.  His son was killed during WWII. Gus/Peter became depressed and hung himself.  Children walking  by saw his body hanging in the basement window and one of the Courthouse employees was alerted.

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2 Responses to Gus the ghost is getting pushy

  1. This is so eerie!!!!! Ghostly appearances and poltergiest movements have been so widely resported. I have read of ghostly appearances in many places and it creeps me out to consider that it actually happens.

  2. Kay Syvrud says:

    Recently there was a Presenter at our local library on “Minnesota’s ghostly history” but I could not attend and now cannot remember his name.
    LARL system would have it…it might be fun to contact him about the Hubbard County museum’s Gus!!!!

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