One Day Weekend

I could take my shoes off and sit a spell…and relax.

Take your shoes off an relax

Or perhaps I could take out the canoe.

Go for a canoe ride

What better use for an old canoe..fill it with Snow on the Mountain..or Bishop’s Goutweed.

Instead I will most likely clean the bathrooms, do the laundry, vacuum the furniture, scrub a few floors,  plan meals for “someone” to cook and then head for the grocery store.  I suppose I could dust a tad too.  This is really my non day…Monday doesn’t count because I have to be at the museum for a program.  I am also helping a friend learn something new on Monday..a class of sorts…and I need to get the materials all ready.  I am sure my one day off will be over before I know it.

25 days and counting:)

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2 Responses to One Day Weekend

  1. No days off even on weekends sounds familiar…..much to do at home and also doing “homework” for a coming school week.
    I love retirement.
    At this time over 10 years ago I was in a fine fit of school anticipation and the flurry of going to school early to get bulletin boards up and posters posted for the Open House night that came before we had school time to get ready for it…so all of us were there…early doing work we did on our own before workship days began.
    (sigh) I am glad I am on the other side of that routine!!!

  2. Bird says:

    And where can a person get snow on the mountain? I haven’t seen in at the garden center….do I need to find a friend with some?

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