Bees and Bark

I had a wasp chasing me around the yard. I think he was deranged.  I finally stomped on him.  This time of year the stinging creatures are so aggressive..the cold nights must do something to their brains.

I found one wasp dead in the birdbath..there must be a nest someplace nearby.

Bees on the Phlox

This big old Bumble Bee is collecting pollen like there is no tomorrow.

I chased a Monarch Butterfly around the yard.  It would not land long enough for a photo.

I had to soak some Birch bark for my project.  Well Chance’s pool was available..boy was he upset with me.  He got in the pool and took out my pieces of Birch by one and then stared at me… was one of those “I cannot believe you had the audacity to put your stuff in MY pool.”  I had to get out a cooler to use for a soaking container.  The bark comes from dead trees, it will kill a live Birch tree if you strip off it’s bark.  I have been known to collect pieces of Birch bark that fell off a logging truck.

Does anyone care to guess what I make with the Birch Bark? :)

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8 Responses to Bees and Bark

  1. Elaine says:

    a canoe? ha ha! No your story about Chance and the birch bark had me rolling here! Thanks for the morning brightener!

  2. snowlady56 says:

    And the bees appear to very venomous if a person gets stung ! I was walking in the parking lot at work and felt a sharp sting. Looking down I realized I’d been bit by what appeared to be a honey bee. It wasn’t one of those big ol’ black wasps ! I had a serious reaction to a yellow jacket sting many, many years ago but have been stung a few times since then and had no reaction. But this time was different ! My wrist (where I was stung) became swollen and it turned hot, red and extremely itchy. Over the next several days the swelling started going up my arm and the site where I was bit would weep. I remember the Dr. telling my mother back when I had the severe reaction that bees can be much more venomous certain years. I’m thinking this is one of those years !

  3. Lisa says:

    Love the purple flower — what kind is it?

  4. I want to know what you are going to do with the birchbark…has it got something to do with your wonderful handmade Christmas ornaments????
    I hooted at Chance giving you dirty looks over the birchbark in HIS pool.
    Chance is about 98% human and 2% dog (when he chases chipmunks and barks at stuff).
    If looks could knock you flat…..Chance’s would have done you in!!!!!

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