Birch Bark

This is what I not a canoe and not even a Christmas tree ornament.

Guess what it is yet

Any ideas?

Dave was painting on his Pumpkinseed Fish..he is so very talented.

Daves Pumpkinseed  Sunfish

His fish is carved from Basswood.  He will paint on it for hours and hours. 

I taught the birch bark lesson to a number of people. All woodcarvers. Any ideas yet?

Final product I take a piece of bark four times the length of my knife blade.  Imagine the half way point and fold the two ends toward the center, then fold in half again at the center point.  Then I take one of the thin strips and stick it into the bottom end and then go round and round until the sheath is all bound end it..I cut the last of the thin strip a little short so it tucks into the top part nicely. have a handsome looking knife your carving knives edges are protected and so are your fingers when you are searching for just the right knife in your carving bag.

You can custom make the sheaths for all your knives. All my knives have Birch bark sheaths.  Most of Far Guys knives do to..but he has a fancy smancy canvas roll knife holder that my Aunt Anna made for him after he made her a special carving knife.

Yes, to answer your question Far Guy still makes carving knives..but he always wears his gloves since he had that unfortunate accident and severed the tendon in his finger. After the surgery and rehab..his finger still doesn’t move like it should..but it does move..some..which is better than no movement at all.

I am glad to have this project behind me…it was something I said I would do..and now it is done!  I am working on carving a snowman and Far Guy is working on a rose..we have to come up with a Christmas Ornament to carve pretty soon:)

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3 Responses to Birch Bark

  1. You are so creative!!!! I admire your talents!

    ( at first I thought it was a wallet)

  2. Dale says:

    Looks like a nice natural blade cover. What kind of carving knives does The Far Guy make ? I do some limited carving and am always looking for good tools.

  3. Scott Flaherty says:

    The sheaths look spectacular, as does that sunfish! I’d love to know what type of paint that is on the fish, for a future project.

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