Wistful Wednesday:1958/59

This is a photo taken in the old farmhouse where I grew up.  It was taken late in 1958 or very early 1959.  My Mom took the photo.

Evelyn Connie Carey (2)

That is me with my hand on my waist.  My cousin Evelyn is holding her oldest daughter Christine who was born in October of 1958.  My baby brother looks on.

In this photo we get a peek into the pantry that was at the west end of the kitchen.  I can see dishes on the shelves and what appears to be a curtain on the window. ( I do not remember a window in the pantry.)

On the wall is the little bluebird with a hat that held potholders, a “Last Supper” plate..and on the right side of the photo a basket of something.  The white enamelware coffee pot is on the stove.

Evelyn is my oldest cousin on my Dad’s side of the family. She will be 74 in a few months.  This photo was taken when Evelyn was 20 years old.  No doubt she was over to visit one Sunday afternoon to show off her beautiful little girl.

People don’t visit on Sunday afternoons like we used to back in the 1950’s and 1960’s:)

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3 Responses to Wistful Wednesday:1958/59

  1. Evelyn and I are the same age! Good photo of visting relatives like we all used to do. I remember aunts and uncles coming by on Sundays. That was a better time–people actually talked to each other face to face…no tweeting or texting!!!
    Now we don’t do that due to so many cultural changes and so much busy-ness in our lives. We kind of live separate lives except for special reunions, funerals, etc. I do not see my cousins hardly at all but they do not live closeby either.

  2. MJM says:

    Maybe the curtain was across the doorway to the pantry. I remember in one of our old houses some of the closets had curtains over the doorways rather than an actual wooden door. I don’t know if they thought it was more attractive than a door, or just never had doors installed. I remember my grandma used a curtain to close of a room she did not want to heat in the winter.

  3. Ann says:

    It is to sad people do not visit on Sunday afternoons anymore.

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