Women’s Right to Vote

Last Monday evening the Historical Museum presented five local women who portrayed suffragists.  Women who fought hard and were jailed for their views of women’s rights.

They appeared in character and shared what it was like…


What it was like to be jailed for their opinion (never breaking a law), while jailed they were on a hunger strike and forcibly fed with a tube shoved down their throat. What it was like to have vegetables thrown at them, to be jeered at..to be looked down upon because you were a woman who wanted rights.

Women like Elizabeth Stanton, Susan B Anthony and Alice Paul. On a local level..Clara Uland and Coya Knutsen.  Brave, brave women who never gave up.


Last Sunday August 26 was the 92nd anniversary of the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment. “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.”

If you are a woman and reading this..I hope you exercise your right to vote in every election.  Forget about being too tired to stand in line to vote, forget about supper..drag yourself off to the polling place…or vote by absentee ballot…just vote!

These women did an excellent job sharing their views through out  history. Far Guy said he was impressed.  I was entertained..it was a great history lesson.  We had a good turn out..not quite as many people as the Sioux Massacre last month..but better than some programs  last year.

This week I am finalizing next years program schedule.  I have the days all chosen and the meeting place reserved.  I am fine tuning the program schedule.  Speakers have been called and asked to commit..luckily no one has refused.  The Chamber of Commerce event calendar goes to the printer soon..I want our full schedule to appear.

I am pleased with the programs I have chosen for next year..God willing and the crick don’t rise.   ( Some of the people in my programs are very elderly..one fellow will be 99 years old young.)  Don’t worry I scheduled him with two other musicians…hopefully they won’t all croak.  IF I am at the museum next year it will all be good, if not the new director will have something to work with.  22 days and counting down:)

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  1. I love to vote on election days and in primaries also.
    I wouldn’t miss it unless I was laid out with a high fever or else in a wooden coffin!!!
    I LOVE going to my little township hall to vote!!! I see the stars and stripes waving on the flagpole in the small area around the townhall and I get all choked up.

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