Signs of Fall

Chance and I went for a walk after supper last night.

Chance at the gate

The trees are losing their leaves and the Oaks are dropping their acorns.   It sure looks like Fall to me.  It was only 80 degrees (26 C) yesterday.  It seemed warmer than that.

Far Guy took off and spent the day at the Minnesota State Fair.  He took a bus with a bunch of other old was Senior Citizens Day at the Fair.

Chance did just fine..he loves his “sitter”!  (Thank you Jo!)

During our walk we were overtaken by the neighborhood bikers.

Neighborhood Biker one

Biker Two

This biker was all dressed was Open House at the school today..she starts school this Fall.  She had a little surgery last week but is feeling “just fine”..she is a trooper.

It gets dark about 8:15 now..less time to stay out after supper.


Sunset over the corn field.

I have four days off in a row.   One day is a paid vacation day, Far Guy will work for me one day and two days are my regular days off.  I might feel like a new person next week…when I go back I will have 20 work days left:)

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  1. Enjoy your days off! Working makes one weary and eager for time off to renew and reload for more work!!!

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