Snow Daze

It will snow one of these days.



Would you like to guess when it will snow in North Central Minnesota?  Would you like to guess when it will snow in the Okanagan area of British Columbia?  Do you like notecards? ( Mostly with flowers on them?)

If so leave me a guess.. the date ..and then morning, afternoon, evening or overnight. The person with the closest correct guess without going over will win!!

Then head on over to Jen’s  Muddy Boot Dreams.  Jen moved to the Okanagan last December.  She is anxiously awaiting that first snowfall…so enter a guess at her place too!  Take it from me a trip by her place is a treat for your eyes..she takes beautiful photographs!

Chance January 21 2011

Here in Minnesota we are not so anxiously waiting.  I wonder who will have the first snowfall?  I hope it is Jen…I wish her lots and lots of snow:)

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8 Responses to Snow Daze

  1. Will it really snow again? I have forgotten what it is like to have moisture falling from the skies!!!

  2. That Jen in BC is not your Jen is it?????

  3. Sharron says:

    Hi Ya Chance. I bet you’re anxiously waiting for the snow, too, aren’t you so you can run around in that white fluffy stuff! You are such a beautiful dog, Chance, and I so enjoy seeing pictures of you.

  4. Lisa says:

    I’m guessing October 27, in the evening.

  5. Judy says:

    How about November 4th…overnight.

  6. MJM says:

    In North Central MN, it might be Oct. 31 in the evening….just in time for trick-or-treat.

    In BC, Oct. 13th, early morning.

  7. farside says:

    Lisa, Judy and MJM I am including your guesses over at my blogspot blog. Here is the link.

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