Time Flies

Someone really should slow things down a tad.  Why is it when you get older the days/weeks/months seem to fly by?  Whoosh and the summer is gone.

It was 24 F here early yesterday morning that is –4C for my Celsius friends.   Just a little frost must have been out there..I slept through that frosty time of the morning.   How do I know it was 24?  My thermometer had a new low..it is digital and gives me the all summer high 98F and the low is now 24F.

Time also flies at the museum.

We had our “Antiques Roadshow” program with many interesting items brought in.

The controversy continues between the Museum and the County Commissioners.  A Public TV reporter did a lead news story on the museum.  I tried my best to avoid her..but I did not escape.  They should give you time to thoughtfully come up with answers..but they want honest reactions to their questions..so that is what they got.

I have been clearing items off my desk one by one, but as usual people bring more stuff to me everyday.  Yesterday I wanted to holler STOP already! So I did.  Anything else brought into the museum will be stacked on the shelf and dealt with next spring.

I made lists..two of them. Work lists and final closing lists.

I have one day left.  Today.  Far Guy works on Friday and my last vacation day of the season is Saturday.  Yippee!!

Of course I will be dragging tons of work home with me..but that is the nature of the beast.  I will put in a few hours here and there.  At least at home I can ignore the phone and  work uninterrupted.

The AmeriCorps may be back for a day or two and I may have to supervise them.  One of the best AmeriCorps workers a young man by the name of David was injured in a freak accident on Monday night. His is going to be okay.  ( Their van was stuck in a sandy beach area, they jacked up the van, David crawled under the van most likely to adjust something and the jack collapsed pinning him under the van.)  David was part of the crew I worked with last Saturday.  Far Guy and I were both relieved to hear he will be okay.

I am pleased as punch to have another year behind me.  I think I accomplished my goal, and that was to bring more people into the museum and to have programs that reach out into the community.  Like I told one of the volunteers..this ain’t your Grandma’s Museum anymore.

Just a reminder please enter the Snow Daze Contest here and at Muddy Boot Dreams!  It is cold enough to snow real soon here in Minnesota. The contest will close Friday September 28th at midnight:)

Fall photo one

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  1. Katrina says:

    I enjoy your blog every day and now am enjoying your daughter’s, too. Thanks for the link! Your photos are a pleasure, even better when I click on them to get them bigger. Today’s is a gem. I hope your winter-time brings you some relaxation to do the things that are so much fun.

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