Free at last

Free, free at more alarm clocks, makeup and being sugary sweet when I answer the phone.  Ha!

I am looking forward to some jammie mornings out on the patio watching the birds before it gets so cold I need a parka.

I took some photos in town last night.  It was a pretty evening after a warmish day of 72 F.

Foot Bridge two

The foot bridge.  It is not called the Red Bridge except by the “newbies” who don’t know a thing.  I noticed one of the newbies put up a sign that said “Red Bride Park”..we are not even going there.  Far Guy has threatened to begin a campaign to paint it blue or orange or yellow any color but red.  To the tried and true kids from Park Rapids..there is only one Red Bridge and this is not it.  “Our” Red Bridge is only a memory.

Fishook River along the north East shore

The North East shore of the river..all decked out in it’s autumnal finery.


The old railroad can hardly tell where the train went through town anymore..but this old bridge tells the story of those old tracks.

Fishook River

Looking north along the Fish Hook River.  It is that time of year when the evening light fades fast.

I am looking forward to some serious camera time in the next few weeks:)

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  1. Dale Kaatz says:

    Great pictures. Enjoy your time off, Looking forward to the pictures and stories………

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