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Wistful Wednesday: Halloween

This photo was taken by Auntie Kathy most likely in 1977. Jennifer is on the left she looks about 2 years old. Debra is in the middle she would have been 6 that year and Trica is on the far … Continue reading

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Treats or Tricks

We finally broke down and bought Halloween Candy.    We always buy the kinds we like just incase no one shows up.  Wishful thinking..or what? Waiting until this week..some candy was on sale…so we bought lots.  Not that we need lots..we … Continue reading

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We woke to snow on the ground on Sunday morning. What most of you know I am not thrilled about snow or cold… Time to get out the snow boots…or at least socks with crocs. The roads were icy..we … Continue reading

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Old Wheels

My parents had a garage sale..and I bought this wheel. It rested for several weeks near my garage waiting for a really good spot in the yard. Finally the perfect spot was found. Not much grass grows way out there … Continue reading

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I am nine years old than him

I was nine years old when my other baby brother was born in 1960.  I helped to teach him important to drink out of a to use the potty and how to stay out of trouble. I remember … Continue reading

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Busy Days

The days are busy..filled with projects.  I just finished up the Newsletter for the Museum and reports for the annual meeting..and a bit of a slide show program. all takes time. This is Chance’s birthday photo.  He is focused … Continue reading

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Chance: Eight is Great!

Today I am eight years old! Life is still good.  I play ball everyday and walk with Far Guy to get the mail. We go for rides and I bark at horses and cows.  At home I herd the squirrels … Continue reading

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Wistful Wednesday: Grandparents

I have two photos of me with my paternal grandparents.  This is one of them. My Grandparents don’t look thrilled.  I am told that my Grandmother called me Connie Boy instead of Connie Joy.  My Grandmother died in 1953 of … Continue reading

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The Grandgirls

Maddie is doing better in Math..finally.  She has struggled with Math every year for the past nine years.  She finally “gets” it.  When she shared that news..I was so relieved.  What made the difference ..a teacher. Savannah is driving now..she … Continue reading

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Train and Toy Show

Sunday we took off and went to the Toy and Train Show. It has been marked on our calendar of events for a few months!  It was interesting.  This year there were many more old toys. Some old guys must … Continue reading

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