Spot in the Road

One of my favorite spots to stop and take a photo is right here.

Spot in the road

I can see the lay of the land.  The different crops planted and the road with the hills in the distance.  This is the road that leads home.  I like it when there is no traffic! Standing in the middle of the road is an awesome feeling..almost powerful especially if I have my camera.  There was a sign out in the field near the approach where I parked.

Remember those long French Fries in the box that I talk about?  They came out of this field.

Chemicals in the soil Sept 29

The chemical stench burned my eyes and nose.  The smell was terrible..they are the stinkiest of neighbors.

They use something to fumigate the soil to kill something..not sure what..but it must be some powerful crap.

Vantage point with a memorial

Just so there is a record for all of posterity this is the view to the east.  The first photo was a view to the west.

Sometimes I wonder about the Deer that wander through these fields.  What do you suppose is the effect on the deer..and if you are a deer hunter is this important to you?   Was there some “study” done on the effects of animals passing through..grazing in adjacent areas?  Last I heard deer do not read signs:(

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One Response to Spot in the Road

  1. Lovely lonely road pictures; I too think that farm chemicals are harming wildlife….what is the price for crops? Poisons? Bad stuff in the environment for us all to take in..nop wonder cancer is so prevalent…I think the introduction of so many farm chemicals and poisons is leading to more serious illnesses, cancer included.
    Over in the Park Rapids area where so many chemicals are dumped on the RDO potatoes….that soil is sandy and porous…..what about the underground aquifers?
    The irrigation has nearly emptied some underground lakes and ponds I bet.

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