Smoke Gets In Your Eyes and Throat

Minnesota has a number of wild fires burning.  Three areas North of us are or have been burning.

Smoky Hills

The Smoky Hills are real smoky.  Wednesday afternoon the smoke moved in.  The wind was coming from the north.

Smoky afternoon at the old farm

It smells like a wild fire..wood and grass has a certain smell.

The good news or bad news is that we are in a winter storm watch all day on Thursday.  Duh..I think it may snow.  It will be good news for the wild fire fighters and for the trees that need moisture to get through the winter…and it will take care of all the smoke in the air.   The bad news…winter is coming.  I knew it was coming just not so soon.

Whilst writing that last sentence and listening to Obama and Romney debate.. Far Guy’s pager went off.  There was a fire reported on our corner.   Far Guy took off running..I said “Grab a shovel for me too.”  Arson..there was fire in the ditch on both sides of the road.  The west side is a plowed field..the east side is all trees..pines and oaks..there was a forest fire in there years ago.  I for one did not want to repeat that afternoon/evening.  We needed to stop the fire..and with two old people wielding shovels we kept it from advancing into the trees.  I don’t know what kind of sick bastards start fires when it is so dry.  They should be put in jail for the rest of their lives..or burned at the stake.   No photos..I left the house so fast I did not grab my camera.

Far Guy said, “ You could have taken some really good photos.”

Just like old seemed like it took forever for the fire trucks to get there…but they came and they had water and quickly knocked the rest of the fire down…they mopped up.. and we came home tired and coughing.  I will welcome whatever moisture comes our way:)

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2 Responses to Smoke Gets In Your Eyes and Throat

  1. Sick Bastards is right. Kind of like the man who set many dumpster fired in Mhd because he thought it was exciting to see all the action of firefighting and police et al.
    I hope he spends his time in jail inhaling smoke from garbage fires…would be a fitting punishment eye for an eye!

  2. P.S> In the fall of 1975 (really dry summer also) there were peat fires burning north of us and the smell of burning peat was with us til November when it finally got covered with snow….I smelled it for 2 months–September and October and there was a brownish haze in the air at that time too. The peat smelled kind of like pipe tobacco; it was kind of fragrant but not good for us to breathe I am sure..any kind of smoke is bad.

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