Snow Daze two..and a winner..and painting

It snowed.  I was in the museum..painting…again.  I am so done with that place..stick a fork in me done.

I walked Chance..he had huge white flakes covering his back.  They quickly melted.  I have no photo.

So..big drumroll.  Rita is the Snow Daze winner..she guessed October 11.  She has a video of the snow over at her blog..she lives 95 miles straight west of me.  Congrats are a winner!  I will mail off your note cards next week.

Well..shall we continue the Snow Daze with a Snow Daze two?  I think so.  I will keep all the same guesses..and see who wins next. I will send four notecards to the next winner!

October 4th and it snowed.  Hard to believe..but this is Minnesota…eighty degrees last week..snow this week.  Uffda.

Military Room

Military Room used to be baby is now Sunlight White.  The exhibits in this room should really pop now..before they were lost in a sea of baby blue.


My office making the transition from Royal Blue to Sunlight is such a small space it is hard to get a good photo. Yes that horrid blue is took two plus coats of paint.

The winter storm warning brought the AmeriCorps kids back to the museum for the day on Thursday.  They finished up most of the painting…cleaned up the paint spots on the floors..and helped to get some items moved back into the newly painted High School Room and petted Chance.  He has been a real hit with these kids.

The janitors from the courthouse came over and purged the dehumidifier and picked up my Fire Extinguishers for testing and recharging.  One of our members who owns an Electrical/Alarm Service Company donated 12 feet of fluorescent lighting for the High School Room..his workers came by and did the installation.  Cross lots of things off the list!  Now to raise some money for book shelves in that room.. but first..

I am going to enjoy some time off.  I am heading out with my youngest daughter Jen and one of her friends for a girl only photo weekend:)

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  1. So glad you will soon get your winter break from the museum but you have gotten a lot done this season!!!! You are the best…..Hubbard Cty better know that or I will come to Park Rapids and get mean!!!! HAH
    They better recognize Gold when they have it!

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