There were no sunflower fields in our area this least none that we knew of.

We were in Detroit Lakes one day.  I spied a few sunflowers.  Far Guy said “You are going to take a photo aren’t you?”


Of course their cheerful little faces cannot be denied.

Sad sunflower

Have you ever felt like tired it was hard to hold up your heavy head.  I know I have.

How can one plant evoke two completely separate emotions?

Next year I hope someone grows an entire field full.  No better way to waste an afternoon…photographing a sunny field:)Sunflower Field in 2011

Sunflower Field August 2011

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2 Responses to Sunflowers

  1. I planted two rows of sunflowers in my very small garden space this summer….my former tulip bed but it is now a veggie garden. The birds are ecstatic over all the sunflower heads now–full of seeds. I cannot take up that much room again but this time it was worth it. I had Mammoth in one row and a variety of smaller ones in antoherf row and they were all beautiful….I brought bouquets in the house for awhile.
    The Juncoes are back the little darlings!

  2. PS: antoherf? what a typo that is…I think I was going for” another”

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