Sunrise on Lake Superior

I had a wonderful time on the photography trip with my daughter Jen.   The photographer who we met up with was very knowledgeable and kind.  (He didn’t call me stupid..or ask me what I was doing with a camera I knew so little about!)

We began at O’Dark Thirty.  I need to put a small flashlight in my camera bag..our instructor wore one of those headlamps.

just before dawn Lake Superior

This was one of the few places where we did not hike for miles.  We just traipsed up and down the beach.

Sunrise on Lake Superior three

We learned all about aperture and histograms..and ISO..I am not sure that I will remember it all.  BUT with practice I will get better…stepping off the automatic photographic bandwagon..and trying different settings will make me a better photographer…I think.

Sunrise on Lake Superior four

The sunrise was beautiful.  I love the sounds of the waves coming ashore.

Waves on Lake Superior

I loved being able to capture the water in motion.  It was a wonderful beginning to our photo adventure.

On this trip I had two goals.  To photograph “soft looking” water and get some hints about successful night photography. More about those adventures later in the week.

Far Guy and Chance survived without me..Far Guy has a terrible cold and is on medication. Chancy was happy to see me..  he didn’t stop watching me until my suitcase was unpacked:)

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4 Responses to Sunrise on Lake Superior

  1. Jane Glander says:

    Your photos are stunningly beautiful. I showed them to a friend and she would like the name of the instructor and contact information if you don’t mind. I hope Far Guy is feeling better. . . did you make him some chicken soup?

  2. Wonderful photos…I can almost hear the water washing over those rocks.
    We are heading to Duluth tomorrow with our youngest son and his wife….it is exciting because we LOVE going to Duluth..went there with our whole family for our 50th annivsary in 2010.
    This is a brief trip but we look forward to being in the inland seaport which seems unlike being in Minnesota!!! I love Canal Park and the harbor.

  3. Judy says:

    These pictures are awesome, Farside!!

  4. Phyllis Pritchard says:

    Beautiful pictures!!!
    Hope Far Guy recovers quickly from his cold.

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