Waterfalls and Nightshots

One of the things I wanted to learn to photograph was waterfalls. I wanted to shoot some soft flowing water.  A tripod is a must..or finding a stable place to set your camera.

I had a tripod at home..and I forgot it there..unfortunately..so I bought a new one..but it was missing parts. Between the instructor and Jen they cobbled together a workable tripod for me for the first morning.  When we returned to Duluth I bought a new and improved tripod.

I set my camera on the rock wall to take the Gooseberry Falls photos..I was pleased with them.

Gooseberry Falls

There was a happening at Gooseberry.

Someone was getting engaged

How romantic..

I just stayed at the lower falls..the girls went up to the upper falls.  I visited with some very nice people and rested on the benches along the walkway and watched people and their dogs.

This is my best night shot of the city of Duluth.

Duluth at Night

I have to make myself a “cheat sheet”  that has my settings on it.  I like to do night photography at Christmas Time..perhaps I can get some really nice photos.  I used my new tripod for this shot.

Jen wanted to go up to the Enger Tower for a look at the city.  Enger Tower is an eighty foot observation tower made from blue  stone.  It is beautiful at night. I was standing under a tree and got the leaves in the shot!

Enger Tower Duluth

My main photography goals were met during the photography workshop.  It is all about experimentation..and getting comfortable with your camera.  I have a long ways to go..but at least I am on my way:)



Far Guy is still sick..I spoke with his Doctor who prescribed another medication for him yesterday.  He is struggling to recover from this illness whatever he has..earache that feels like he has an ice pick in his ear/body aches/temperature/cough and stuffy head.  He spent only about three hours upright yesterday..I kept bugging him to drink more fluids and take deep breaths.  I cooked him some chicken for supper.  So far knock on wood I am free of symptoms…perhaps this is the same thing I had back in May…maybe I am immune. This is the sickest I have seen Far Guy in a very long time..if he gets any worse I will have to take him to the hospital.  This is day twelve..he rallied for the weekend and we thought he was on the road to recovery..but I guess not:(

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