Wistful Wednesday: Cakes

It was my Dad’s birthday yesterday.  He is 86 years old.  I can always tell how old he is..just add 25 years to my age and I have his.

scan0008 (2)

I was 2 years old in this photo in 1953 and Dad was 26 going to be 27.  Our birthdays are just 3 weeks apart.

This photo was taken at the farm, I can see Dad’s car in the background and a hay wagon and a stack of hay.

My Mom’s birthday is later in the week.  The celebrate their anniversary and their birthdays all in the same week.


October 15 1950

This is the top of their wedding cake.

I remember a pink box that was on the shelf in their closet for years.  Mom waxed the top layer of the cake and kept it wrapped in tissue paper in the pink box.  She also kept the rose petals from her bouquet..they were in the bottom of the garment bag that held her wedding dress.

This year we had pie for Dad’s birthday.  It was my turn to have “Cousins.”   Far Guy was not feeling up to having company in the house (he is getting better) so I called my girl cousins and we all met in town and had lunch together…Mom and Dad were our special guests.  The waitress brought out a cookie with a candle and we all sang Happy Birthday!

Dads Birthday Oct 09 2012

Dad and his sister.. my Aunt Anna:)

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  1. Judy says:

    Hi Farside! I hope FarGuy is feeling better soon. It sounds like a dragged out illness. Do you think it’s flu? I would be interested in knowing some of the details about your photography class in Duluth. Your pictures are outstanding. :) If you want to see the pictures I’ve been taking lately, visit the Ottertail County Humane Society’s facebook page. I’ve been helping photograph the new dogs and cats each week for the last few months.

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