Second Snow

We had our second snow.  It started snowing late in the evening October 10.  Chance came in full of snow flakes.

I got some photos yesterday morning before it melted.

Cold Seat


I mailed off Rita’s cards yesterday, she won for the first snow. I will mail out Blissed Out Grandma’s cards very soon, she guessed Oct she is the second winner!  Congratulations Gals!


Kinda depressing isn’t it..unless you are a skier or an eskimo.

As you can see the leaves are mostly out of the trees.  There are a few cling-ons left.  We raked a half a million leaves into the woods.  There is still a million or two to move to the woods. Hopefully the weather will warm a bit enough for the lawn furniture to dry off so it can be stored for the winter.  I have not taken my garden ornament inside yet.

Chance was invigorated by the snow.


He thought it was a big pain to sit and pose for me..when he should be off checking out all the tracks in the snow.

We have two feral kitties. One is grey and white and one is black and white.  They come up to the house in the evening and scratch on the window and then run away.  I suppose someone nearby at the lake had kittens for their kids for the summer and just let them go.  Buggers:(

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  1. I HATE the people who do not care for thier pets (feral kitties)
    How cruel can it get? There is no end to this sort of cruelty.

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