Projects and News

I figured I should have at least one whole week off before I made the dreaded “to do” list.

Far Guy and I attacked the leaves.  He is feeling better but he is still coughing.  The garden ornaments are safely tucked away in my garage along with the lawn furniture. The lawn swing is still outside..I sat in it today..resting after raking leaves.  Chance loves to chase leaves and is continually jumping in the air or biting the rake..crazy dog..herding leaves.  There is still more raking to do…a few more days and we might have it!

I have been working on two projects for the museum..thank goodness I can work from home.  Projects that I should have finished the last week of work..but I assisted with the painting and supervising..which left me no time to finish up those projects.  It is what it is. I could have left the projects at work..but they are loose ends that I want to tie up.  Yes, I am a bit of a perfectionist.

I was almost out of sympathy I made up a bunch.  A sign of the times when you use more sympathy cards that anything else.  I have a favorite church scene I usually use..or a White Lady Slipper.  I read where Hallmark was closing down a plant and laying off lots of people.  I used to buy Hallmark Cards..then I started making my own.  So I suppose I am just a little bit to blame for their demise.

Old Osage Baptist Church

Perhaps I should send Hallmark a sympathy card?

How about that debate?  I stayed awake but barely.  I get so tired of the “he said said”..tell me what you think ya big dummies..spit it out already.  I have a foreign policy for you..stop all aid to everyone we give aid to and balance our freaking budget.    Yessiree Far Side’s Foreign policy in a nutshell.

I am just about ready to go on a news blackout again..most of the summer I ignored the news..and I survived..seems I didn’t miss much either.  The News is kinda like those Soap can give up watching for awhile and six months later pick up practically where you left off:)

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One Response to Projects and News

  1. I admire your energy…raking all those leaves. We let the wind clear our yard but we are high on a hill and it works for us. I do need to clip the tall sunflower stalks..the birds have pretty much eaten all the seeds.
    I laughed at Chance “herding leaves”..border collies want to herd EVERYTHING.
    Our Mac used to “herd” Trudi the ball chaser years ago unless Trudi got sassy and laid him down with growls that ended the herding temporarily. She dominated Mac for many years!!!

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