Horse Sense

Saturday was a beautiful day..over fifty degrees and no wind..perfect day to visit a friend and her horses.

My Husband does not really care for horses..well he does like them on a Merry Go Round..that is about it.

Find Far Guy

Here he is swarmed by horses.

Gene getting eaten by a horse

This one wanted to eat him alive..or gum him to death.  She even felt his head with her lips.  I was laughing so hard I didn’t get THAT photo. You may wonder why Far Guy is kneeling on the ground.  The horses were a bit aggressive..Shirley is on crutches and they toppled her over..she was fine..just resting before she got up…all the horses came to check on her..and to say hi to Far Guy.

Shirleys Horses

I stayed on the right side of the fence:)

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One Response to Horse Sense

  1. Those pictures are really good….I can see the headline in the Park Rapids paper:

    “Osage man eaten by horse……or at least his jacket”

    He was very brave to put up with horses kissing his head and nibbling on the clothing.
    Did he have NightMARES last night? HeeHee..very punny!!!!

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