The Grandgirls

Maddie is doing better in Math..finally.  She has struggled with Math every year for the past nine years.  She finally “gets” it.  When she shared that news..I was so relieved.  What made the difference ..a teacher.


Savannah is driving now..she has her own car.  She tells me she is a very good driver.


Paige got to go to a Justin Bieber Concert..I am sure she was hoarse from screaming.  She probably thought it was the highlight of her entire life.


They have begun Hockey Practice… a great outlet for all their energy!  Yes, that is Maddie behind Paige getting ready to irritate her sister.

IMG_2178 (2)

These girls certainly keep their parents on their toes.  I was lucky to get the photos I did..they were running around hiding behind and trying to climb trees..and complaining that the sun was hurting their eyes.

The girls 2006

Paige age 7, Savannah age 10 and Maddie age 8.

This photo was taken in 2006..six years goodness time flies:)

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  1. That has to be beautiful Lake Bemidji in the background????
    Lovely girls so grown up now…yes time flies by and our little ones are suddenly young adults.

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