Wistful Wednesday: Grandparents

I have two photos of me with my paternal grandparents.  This is one of them.

Sam, Hilda and Connie Yliniemi

My Grandparents don’t look thrilled.  I am told that my Grandmother called me Connie Boy instead of Connie Joy.  My Grandmother died in 1953 of a massive heart attack. She was 64 years old.  Fourteen kids and being a farmers wife took it’s toll on her body.  I have  no real memories of her..just vague feelings that I associate with her..butter..that I hear she used to feed me from a spoon.

My Grandfather lived a good long life..he died  just short of his 88th birthday in 1978.  I have many memories of my grandfather..pink peppermints, long underwear all year round, white shirts on Sunday and the smell of moth balls that permeated his wool clothing.  Then he remarried…I cannot remember exactly when he married Grandma Annie..sometime in the early 1960’s..and he outlived her too. She died in 1968.

Annie and Grandpa

He visited many widow ladies in his quest for companionship. Not sure why he chose Annie other that she was a very kind lady and she spoke Finn. She had her own house..after her death he was told to move out.  So he built a small two room house at Uncle Hugo’s place on Shell Lake.  One Saturday at his lake place he was having a hard time hearing, I asked him why?  Turns out he was saving his hearing aid batteries for church on Sunday morning.  He was a kind man whom I enjoyed visiting with.

My Grandfather was old school..no dancing, no lipstick and no alcohol was allowed.  Spitting however was permissible. I think he chewed tobacco his entire life.  He thought that women should only go to school to be teachers..and if they were married ..well they should stay home have babies and take care of their husbands:)

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  1. Grandparents’ generation had their own ideas about things. I was told that my Grandpa Hans (my dad’s dad) would have voted for the Devil if the Devil were Norwegian, Republican, and Lutheran!!!!!’ I never knew two of my grandparents.
    My mother’s dad died at age 49 when she was only 16. My dad’s mother died when my dad was only fifteen. I have seen blurry photos of them but never got to see them or know them…it is a big blank in my life.
    I am so thankful that my sons knew all 4 of their grandparents for many years.
    I hope my grandkids will know me and Grandpa for many years too!!!!

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