Chance: Eight is Great!

Today I am eight years old! Life is still good.  I play ball everyday and walk with Far Guy to get the mail. We go for rides and I bark at horses and cows.  At home I herd the squirrels and chipmunks and sometimes I chase the Pileated Woodpecker away from the suet feeder. Some days I am a greeter at the museum..everyone loves me there and knows my name.


I like to be fed at precisely sooner later.  I love all kinds of vegetables on my dry food but spaghetti squash is my favorite!  If no one is cooking I walk around looking pathetic and hungry until someone decides to cook. Sometimes Far Side says “You are not starving to death..there is dry food in your dish.” Sometimes she tells Far extra vegetables for him till he finishes his own food.  She is one tough old lady with lots of rules.  Rules like NO Jumping on the elderly.  No pooping in the yard..I am supposed to poop in the poop area at the edge of the woods.  No going out after dark without a leash..she is saving herself from skunks. I am tired of hearing about that stupid skunk I chased last year. Remember Chance how bad you smelled?? YES, YES.. put on the freaking leash already.

I spit out my baby aspirin every night unless it is covered in cheese or peanut butter.  The baby aspirin makes my joints feel better and the cheese  or the peanut butter makes the aspirin go down better.

I am not sure what kind of wonderful celebration I will have today..but perhaps it will involve a new ball and some extra treats.  I am worth it!

Chance in September

At least my birthday was not forgotten like last year:)

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4 Responses to Chance: Eight is Great!

  1. Jan - Alexandria says:

    Happy Birthday Chance! Bet you had a great day as always. You are so well loved!

    Penny and Lew, our 2 Border Collie grand-dogs just spent 2 weeks with us while their mom and dad were on vacation. They got a bit bored with 2 old people who work most of the days. They got lots of rest and were really happy to go home to their big fenced yard and the pretty doggie park nearby.

    You are so handsome and well behaved. I don’t blame you for wanting your supper at the proper time. Be good!

  2. Happy birthday to the most handsome border collie I know! I love your baby pictures..I checked out your other birthday blogs and must tell you (you know it already) that you are the most fortunate dog—to have Farguy and Connie being your people-parents. What a nice family of three you guys make!
    Enjoy your day and any new toys or treats you get!!!!!
    And keep blogging!!!!!

  3. Sharron says:

    Oh, Chance, happy birthday. You are as beautiful as ever and very much loved. What a wonderful life you have and we hope you have many more happy, healthy birthdays.

  4. Judy says:

    Hi Chance! Tell your people that a dab of cream cheese is also a superb coating for aspirins!!

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