Busy Days

The days are busy..filled with projects.  I just finished up the Newsletter for the Museum and reports for the annual meeting..and a bit of a slide show program.  Whew..it all takes time.

Chance as good looking as ever

This is Chance’s birthday photo.  He is focused on Far Guy.  Imagine that.

The birthday boy Chance Oct 25 2012 Eight years old

Hard to believe “our boy” is eight.  We are very lucky to have such a wonderful dog!

I cleaned up as in vacuumed out my garage..I almost finished before killing Far Guy’s vacuum cleaner…it made a funny squealing noise and abruptly quit.  Darn thing.  Had to go to town and buy another one.

I finally said goodbye to the Sunflower.. and welcome to the witch. I use that same old twig wreath for everything.  I like it. Welcome witch

I spent the better part of one day washing some dog nose prints off vehicle windows and cleaning up vehicles before the winter.  The pickup could use a good vacuuming ( read dog hair)..now that I am back in business with a new vacuum cleaner IF it warms up I could accomplish that.  Our weather is cool.. highs in the 30’s F  and lows in the 20’s F. That is –1C to –6C…very coolish.  There were some little snowflakes in the air yesterday…not enough to accumulate..just enough to remind you that yes this is Minnesota and one of these days we will have snow that comes and stays for the winter:(

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One Response to Busy Days

  1. I like your wreath..I could even do one like that!!!! (not artsy crafty at all)
    We have snow on the ground…it is Murphy’s OTHER LAW…when spouse leaves for one week it will snow or do something threatening (for me)
    My sister and I drove home from Bismarck yesterday thru snow squalls in Bismarck to Jamestown and nearly all the way to Fargo. I had ordered sunny dry weather but my orders were not taken seriously I guess.
    I just hope it melts.

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