Old Wheels

My parents had a garage sale..and I bought this wheel. It rested for several weeks near my garage waiting for a really good spot in the yard.


Finally the perfect spot was found. In the yard

Not much grass grows way out there anyway..it won’t have to be trimmed around very often.


It might have been from a rake.

I admired this one at a friends.

old wheel

I don’t know what kind of machine would have this wheel..but I like it.

I have old wheels here and there in the yard..I like the looks of them..old, worn and resting.  A little rusty but who cares..a little rust just gives them character.  Wheels are wonderful pieces of art!

I suppose someone will line them all up someday at a garage sale or an estate auction..I wonder how long the line of old wheels will be? :)

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One Response to Old Wheels

  1. Dumbo says:

    The first photo looks like a wagon wheel from the time period near the end of steel wheels. The wheel with lugs appears to be a tractor wheel from the middle ages of steel tractor wheels (probably late 20’s or early 30′). The early steel wheels appeared to have a bar bolted across the rim while the later ones had staggered lugs.

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