Treats or Tricks

We finally broke down and bought Halloween Candy.    We always buy the kinds we like just incase no one shows up.  Wishful thinking..or what?

Waiting until this week..some candy was on sale…so we bought lots.  Not that we need lots..we will get our eight to ten kids and I will take photos of them all and we will have left over candy.

It must be a tradition since it happens nearly every year.

Last Saturday before the snow I took some photos of Chance in his Halloween Scarf with the treat bucket..

Empty treat bucket

It was empty…I tossed a few treats ( Milk Bone Biscuits) in there..


He will have a blast greeting all the neighborhood kids on Wednesday night.  The snow is mostly melted and our temperatures will be in the 40’s it will be a nice evening to be out and about!

I feel so sorry for the people without electricity on the east coast..that is a monster of a storm.  Lots of kids are bound to miss Halloween this year due to safety issues from Hurricane Sandy:(

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One Response to Treats or Tricks

  1. I will never “get over” Chance’s handsome-ness or his posing for pictures. He is such a wonderful unique dog!!!! He makes me miss my “Mac” who has been dead for many years but he was a wonderful Border Collie also–but he was not as sociable as Chance.
    Mac ran away and hid when anyone came to our house…really ineffective watch dog but we loved his quirks and shyness so much.
    I still miss him after all these years. He was the best dog—–just like your Chance.

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