Wistful Wednesday: Halloween

This photo was taken by Auntie Kathy most likely in 1977.

Halloween 1977

Jennifer is on the left she looks about 2 years old. Debra is in the middle she would have been 6 that year and Trica is on the far right she would have been 5.  Second Cousins..Debra belongs to my Cousin Art ..or Uncle Art and Auntie Kathy.

That is Far Guy in the back..not sure what he was doing.  I know he was always in charge of taking the girls around the neighborhood to get candy.  The girls would anxiously wait for him to finish supper and then they would run to get dressed and head out.  Many times the weather was horrid..snowy and cold or icy rain.. they would only go to houses where we knew the people.  Back in the mid 1970’s was the razor blades in apples scares and hospitals would x-ray candy for free.

We used to go through the girls candy..anything questionable would be thrown out.  The girls would often remember what they got where.

I can vaguely remember making those witches hats..I think they were construction paper. I think Auntie Kathy must have done the makeup..I do not remember that at all..but that was a long time ago.

I would stay home and hand out candy..when we lived in Moorhead we would get 100’s of kids if the weather was half way decent.  The dog would stay with me and bark most of the evening.  Back then we had a Scottie mutt mix by the name of Snuffer.  We got her before the girls were born..one of those $5.00 dogs.. she was worth every penny and grew up with our girls.

When we ran out of candy or when it was nine o’clock we would shut off the porch light.  The girls were good about sharing..I always looked for a Bit O Honey and Far Guy would look for a Tootsie Roll:)

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One Response to Wistful Wednesday: Halloween

  1. Great photo memories of days with little ones of our own.
    I wrote my column this week about the year (early 1970’s) that my Dad and I disguised ourselves and trick or treated at Dad’s neighbor, “Had”‘s house.
    When we took the nylons off our faces and showed Had who we were he nearly split laughing and also called my Dad a few choice names and scolded him for corrupting his daughter!!! It was the best of Halloweens for me!
    Had had just received bad news of terminal cancer and died in the spring.

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