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I have been stalking a bird.  He is really skittish..he is a real looker.  He has been around at least a month..maybe more. He is a Red-Bellied Woodpecker.  He visits the suet feeders..he is gone as soon as you open … Continue reading

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Chance: Snow

I like the snow.  As much as Far Side hates it..I love it.  Nothing better than playing a good game of ball and then flopping down in the yard to rest.  Far Side throws the ball for me until I … Continue reading

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Wistful Wednesday: 1951

On November 22, 1951 my Maternal Grandmother gave birth to twins, a boy and  a girl. They are two months and two days younger than me so they never seemed like an Aunt and Uncle.  I didn’t get along with … Continue reading

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Wifi, Blue Tooth, On Sat and Garmin

Technology sure is moving along. Us old farts can either embrace it or become hopelessly lost. Wifi, now that is some word..and how do you pronounce it.  Why-fy or Wiffy? The Grandkids roll their eyes and laugh out loud if … Continue reading

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It snowed

Yes it snowed..the ground is white.  I doubt that it will melt..until spring.  I think this is winter come doesn’t officially arrive for another month (25 days)..the Winter Solstice will arrive at 5:12 AM December 21 2012.  According to … Continue reading

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Washing Dishes

Being the oldest child and a girl, I have done my fair share of dishes.  As a teenager I would wait not so patiently for my parents and siblings to finish with their plates so I could get done with … Continue reading

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It snowed..the ground is white..but since I am in denial we won’t talk about it anymore. The other morning we had some heavy frost.  It was lovely.  Very sparkly in the early morning light. This is a Tansy that escaped … Continue reading

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I am not hungry after a large meal yesterday at one of the local churches..I heard they cooked 36 turkeys…but no one peeled potatoes because they were out of a box..since I did not have to cook OR clean up … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Dinner

Do you know where your Thanksgiving Dinner came from? Did you have pumpkin pie? This is a pumpkin field in southern Indiana.  We also saw a Pumpkin Processing Farm/Plant. Indiana is second only to Illinois in pumpkin production. Did you … Continue reading

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Wistful Wednesday: My Baby Brother is a Grandpa!

This is an old grade school photo of my baby brother. Taken..maybe when he was in first grade in 1960-61.  That is a homemade shirt he is wearing.  He was very blond and pretty cute. Last weekend he became a … Continue reading

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