Wistful Wednesday: The Hunting Bus

My Father in law was an avid deer hunter.  So were his friends.  They all went together and bought a bus.  They hunted in Montana and Wyoming with that bus.

It was a guy thing.

Hunting Bus

Inside the bus.

Marvin on left Ben Knapp on the right

My Father In Law Marvin, with his friends Sam and Ben.  I had the best time looking around this old photo..they had Nut Goodies..Campbell’s Soup and Folgers Coffee above them..and 7 Up and some kind of hard liquor…I noted they cut a coffee can up and were using it for an ash tray.  Ben was hardly ever seen without a cigar in his mouth.

Hunting Bus Inside Sam Worley

They must have kept clean..here is Sam washing his feet.  Note the bunks for sleeping.

Inside the Hunting Bus Ben Knapp and Marvin on the left Sam Worley on right

Looks like they played some cards.

Hunting Bus Three

I wonder how warm it was in that bus..this looks like a cold morning..but it must have been a successful hunt..one deer for each hunter:)

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  1. Sally Richards says:

    Ah yes, companionship and death…what fun…

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