Postal Window

When I was little I went everywhere with my of the places we went was to the post office.

There was a little window there..and my Mom would get stamps.  I was too little to see what was going on behind the wall.  I was always curious.. what happens back there?   When I got a little taller I could see the wooden floor was scuffed and worn from the wheeled carts that were pushed around.  The big old containers were made of green canvas much mail could they hold?  Where were all those letters going?

US Post Office

I think I would have liked sorting the mail..getting all the letters and magazines in their proper mail boxes.

Far Guy handles all our postal business in our nearest small town..there are idiots working there.  I go either 7 miles west or 14 miles east to go to a post office where there are no idiots:)

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3 Responses to Postal Window

  1. Dave says:

    I bet those idiots work harder than you ever have.

    • farside says:

      You should drop by the Post Office in Osage and mail a letter someday..or better yet..mail a package and get charged double what you do everywhere else:)

  2. Reminds me of our old post office….all polished granite or marble and beautiful woodwork and it “smelled” like the postoffice. The newer one does not come close to its character. The old PO is now a senior center. We have some idiots at our location too….the postmistress leads the parade.

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