Half Done

We are about half done with the carved Christmas ornament this year.  The design works..several have been painted and sealed and delivered!  I never really know how a design will look until one is ready to hang on a tree.

How about that and it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet.  We are moving right along.  Of course there is the never ending supply of wood chips that ends up under the table..those little suckers sure can fly.  We sit at the kitchen/dining table in the afternoon and evening and carve away.

When I get the ornaments all done and ready to package I will take some photos..and some in process photos too..and then I will give a few away. Yahoo!!

Thanksgiving seems early this year…or is it just me?


I had a piece of pumpkin pie at a friends house the other day..it sure tasted good!  It kinda put me in a Thanksgiving mood…or maybe it was just a momentary sugar high.

Today I am thankful for a little sunshine to warm my old bones:)

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  1. You two are so artistic!!!! The photo of the fall decor is wonderful too.
    I have two fat pumpkins on the back porch….whoopee!

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