I saw a bear ..or not

Far Guy and I always joking  during our afternoon drives..will today be the day we see a bear..or a moose and will I get the photo?

Often when we are driving one of us will see something and ask the other if they saw it too? 

One day..I said “Did you see that bear?”  He replied.. “NO, I missed it..let’s go back!” 

Bear or not

Someone with a sick sense of humor..must have been laughing at all the traffic that turned around for a second look.  He even mowed and removed some brush..

Things are not always as we see them..I did see a bear..or not.

Not a real bear… I have only seen bear twice in Minnesota..they are impressive creatures.  A few years ago one came in and emptied all our bird feeders and stole one of the feeders in the middle of the night.  We had to take our bird feeders in a night for awhile..he/she did not return..at least not that we know of:)

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  1. That is not a real bear?????? It looks like real.

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