Have a Happy Day

This is a sign that was given to my old bus driver when he retired.  His co workers had the sign made for him.


I smiled when I heard the story behind the sign..it was hung on one of the buildings at his retirement home.

He died a number of years ago..but I will always remember his smile and how his eyes twinkled when he greeted the kids on the bus morning and night.

Country kids..we knew nothing of having our own car with which to drive to school..we rode the bus.  We appreciated the warm ride to school in the morning, and being left off at the end of our drive every night.  It was our bus driver that got us there safely…year after year.

We didn’t misbehave on the bus..it was a privilege to ride the bus..and we didn’t take that privilege for granted.  If we messed up and got kicked off the bus..or even got a “pink slip” we would have found ourselves walking to school..for me that was 15 miles..so I just kept my hands to myself, looked out the window and enjoyed the ride:)

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  1. What a commentary on a much greater younger generation than we see now…spoiled over-indulged young people (not all of them) who do not appreciate or express thanks for the things they have or get—- from foolish parents and grandparents if they spoil them rotten. I was in the generation that had no cars and rode the bus also.
    We turned out really well too I might add…the majority of us.

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