Wistful Wednesday: Shadow

Only the Shadow knows..

My beautiful picture

…why he loved to sleep in the bathroom sink.

He would lay there half the day until someone ran cold water for him to drink out of the faucet.

My beautiful picture

He was a weird cat.  He was trained to go potty outside and would wait to be let out the door.   He would use the cat box only in a true emergency.

Shadow was a replacement kitten.  He replaced Midnight who was a gift to Trica from Jason.  When Midnight died of Feline Leukemia..Shadow was the replacement.

Like I said he was a weird cat.  He bit my father in law..who promptly got cat scratch fever and required a hospital stay and a surgery.

When the dogs..we had four..would get into a fight..Shadow would leap into the fray and land on one or another of the dogs and the fight would be forgotten..after all a kamikaze kitten was not to be trusted.

Shadow lived with us for a long, long time.  He finally moved in with Trica..and was euthanized because he could not be trusted around Savannah when she was a newborn. He was very jealous..and the day that he peed in Savannah’s car seat was the last straw.

There was always something a bit weird about that cat named Shadow…but only the Shadow knows why:(

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2 Responses to Wistful Wednesday: Shadow

  1. Rachel says:

    You euthanized a cat because of a problem with the cat’s behavior with a newborn! My goodness … the least you could have done was find another home for Shadow. When you adopt a pet, you make a commitment to care for that cat for life. You don’t just kill it because it’s no longer convenient for you to find a way to care for it when a conflict arises. Did you try a cat behavior specialist? Anti-anxiety medication? Seclusion and reintroduction and reintegration? If you didn’t properly introduce Shadow to the coming baby and its arrival, the fault is yours, not Shadow, although Shadow paid the ultimate price. This story leaves me incredibly sad. May others not repeat this inhumane action.

  2. Seeing Shadow and hearing about this kitty makes me so sad…I miss my Precious Kitty so much and have not made much progress since her July death.

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